Two Weeks In

Two Weeks In

Not that we’ve encountered any real issues with selling the house, just the normal back-and-forth that goes along with handing a house over to someone else. We have a few requested repairs and we’re working on trying to wrap those up. Thankfully, we had several great offers to choose from and the people we went with have been very reasonable, it’s still just a stressful process.

Living in a fifth wheel has been far better than I could have hoped. There’s a peace that comes from a simpler home. It’s easier to manage, easier to clean and when you add to that the ability to pick it up and take it anywhere in the country, it’s hard to beat (if you can live with less than 400 sqft). We’ve shrunk our belongings down to around 10% of what they were, possibly even less, and it’s like a big, deep breath of fresh air.

I’ve really enjoyed the process of taking all the different elements we need to make our home function, hoses, connectors, tools, etc and trying to making their use as enjoyable as possible. I’ve added quick connectors to all the hoses, put up some organizational hooks for tools and accessories in the basement. It really checks some of my boxes! I’ve even performed my first upgrade, installing an elongated and taller toilet as well as a bidet (don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it! It’s an indispensable convenience once you’ve used it!).

We’ve been transporting some of our favorite outdoor items from the house out to the park so we’re starting to create a more cozy and enjoyable space around us. The fire pit is something I’m particularly excited about! Thankfully we’ve had a longer-than-expected spring so we’re able to really enjoy the outdoors.

As we grow more comfortable with living in the smaller space our attention has begun to shift to getting this big rig on the road. We have a couple of destinations in mind for our first trip but one thing is for sure, we’ll be seeing a lot of the country for the first time, and that’s the goal. We had to replace the tires on the truck, no small expense for a 6-wheeled dually, and we’re expecting the hitch to arrive before the end of the month. As soon as we have the hitch I’m excited to start getting comfortable with the weight of the trailer. It’s the hurdle I’m most anxious about, but I believe once I get over the hump of anticipation it shouldn’t be too bad.

Stepping back for a minute… what this is really all about is pursuing your God-given dreams. You have desires inside of you that were put there by Him, but it’s very likely that in order for you to realize these dreams it’s going to take some risk, heck maybe even a scary leap. DO IT! Don’t let fear hold you back. Be smart, plan accordingly, don’t make stupid choices. But also don’t let your dreams die. Make a plan. Make life happen. Ignoring the God-given desires of your heart is as much a sin as any other. LIVE!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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