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I’m a web developer who specializes in JavaScript.

I've worked with clients from around the world during my 20 years of professional experience. I'm also the creator of the Vuejs WordPress Theme Starter on github and VueWordPress, a training resource for devs. My family and I live in a fifth wheel and are slowly working towards our goal of visiting all 48 contiguous states!

Evan AgeeEvan AgeeEvan AgeeEvan AgeeEvan AgeeEvan AgeeEvan Agee
A little about me...

Hey, I'm Evan Agee (pronounced A.G.) and I'm a full-stack web developer. My wife Crys our daughter Liliana and I live full-time in a fifth wheel trailer and travel the country. Currently we're camping in Lakeside, TX. I love films, music (especially the odd-metered djent variety) and computers.

I was a 2016 Webby Award Honoree! I've been developing web applications professionally since 2000 (Geocities anyone?). In that span of time I've worked with agencies and clients all over the world. I've built applications with the likes of Gateway Church, Memory.net, Carb Manager, Facebook, Disney, PeiWei, Bethel Church and Koch Industries.

I enjoy developing JavaScript-based projects, especially using React/NextJS. In addition to my client work I'm also creator and maintainer of the Vuejs Wordpress Starter Theme and I'm the creator of vuewp.com a training platform for those interested in the WordPress + Vue ecosystem.

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