Well, the new season of Survivor has started, which means that Kristen and I now spend Thursday nights at someone’s house that has cable. This season is different in that it takes contestants from previous seasons and puts them all together into what they call Survivor: All Stars. So far it’s wonderful.
We’ve also been watching American Idol which has been pretty interesting. It’s always very interesting to watch the people on that show grow and become more professional as time goes by. They start off looking like people that have been pulled off of the street and end up (the good ones anyway) like true stars.
There’s (still) not a lot going on right now. Kristen is in the midst of student teaching and I’m working during the day and trying to have a little fun during the evening. I’ve been playing Pool online via Yahoo! Games for a long time now and that seems to be the best way to have some fun on a limited budget (it’s free). I’ve still been playing guitar lately and I’ve started looking for some new alternate tunings so I can write some new, more interesting music. I’ve used probably 10 different tunings for songs that I’ve written in the past, but they all have a very similar sound. I’m looking for something new.
If you know me very much, you probably know that I love the guitarist Pat Metheney. He’s a contemporary Jazz guitarist that has a sound all his own. Well, he recently recorded an album called One Quiet Night which consisted of him alone on a baritone guitar. It’s one of the most beautiful guitar tones I’ve ever heard and now I want, no I NEED a baritone guitar. lol. Truly amazing.
One other bit of news is that I’m considering another stint of eBay sales. I have a good amount of stuff that I need to get rid off and I’m actually feeling up to the challenge of listing all of the stuff on eBay. It’s always a good way to make some extra cash, and we do need it. lol.
I think that’s about it for now, I’ll write back soon.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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