Editing Begins Today

Well, after completing (hopefully) all of the footage for the first episode of Life on Main Street, Chris and I are going to start editing today. We’ve got around 2 hours of total footage to work with in order to get a single half-hour episode finished. Once we’ve finished the first episode and we see how it turns out, we’ll more than likely produce website so we can start archiving our work and start giving people a place to learn more about the show which will be airing on WCTV in the near future.
Editing is the part that I really enjoy. It’s much more of an art than a science and I always like trying to figure out which sections of the footage to use. We’ll be editing today in an Apple application knows as iMovie. It’s targeted at home movie creators, but we don’t have the funds to purchase a more professional editing package at the time so we’ll make due with what we have. 🙂
Once we have the first episode finished I’ll more than likely have a VHS tape of it or possibly a VCD. I’ll try to let anyone see it that’s interested.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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