Strange dream

I usually have two types of dreams. One type is the kind that makes me feel like it’s symbolic of something happening in my life. The other is the kind I enjoy, the kind that entertains you with a situation or scenario that is beyond belief only to cover you with a cloud of dissapointment as you realize that it was only a dream. I had a dream of the second variety last night…
I was sitting in my car to leave the house on a chilly fall day. It was raining pretty hard outside and I could hardly see out of my car window. I looked up and here came this large, red monster-type truck peeling out in front of me. I looked at the truck and happened to notice that the driver was amazing guitarist Steve Vai. I was pretty excited (being a big fan of his) so I motioned for him to stop.
He pulled over and rolled down his window and I asked him if he’d be willing to come into my house and sign some of my Steve Vai-related items. He walked into my house.
I quickly grabbed my guitars (one of them being Steve Vai’s $2,500 signature model mind you) and quickly got him to sign all of them. Then, as he was looking around he say how many of his cds, movies and other items that I owned and was impressed. Anyway, after hanging out for an hour or so I walked into the other room to find all sorts of guitars and other guitar player dream items. I looked back to thank Steve, but he was gone. I walked out onto the porch to see if he was out there but he was already gone. But he left me another guitar outside. 🙂
Then, out in the distance I see my dad walking towards my house. For some reason he had taken a plane from Arizona and the plane landed at the high school right next to my house. I told him about what had happed and he was pretty amazed.
What a weird dream…

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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