Stomach Virus

Man has this week sucked…
I’ve had a stomach virus that has produced, by far, some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Here are a few highlights:
1.) Clockwork-like, piercing stomach cramps every 15 minutes
2.) Zero sleep because of item number 1 (see above)
3.) Serious regret for eating banana peppers on my sub from Subway
Each of the items above has had a crucial role in my week. A delicate symphony of distruction. 🙂 I would do ANYTHING to get rid of it.
I went home early on Monday, but other then that I’ve kept a regular work schedule, which hasn’t been difficult until today. I didn’t sleep at ALL last night because the cramps were so bad. Kristen has had the same problems and has had it a little worse than I have. I’ve always had a pretty tough immune system though. That’s how I know this is bad.
I’m really hoping to get over this soon so I can get back to a normal life. If I weren’t so mad about my sitution I would probably post a picture of the distressed look that comes upon my face every time I feel a cramp coming on. It’s not pretty.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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