Stop 8 – Bunkie, LA

Stop 8 – Bunkie, LA

Our overnight stay in Louisiana was supposed to be purely practical. Stop, relax for a bit and then get some rest before hitting the road the next morning. But when we pulled up and saw this park we were tempted to change our plans and stay for the remainder of the week instead of continuing on to Gulf Shores, AL.

They had so many activities, an indoor swimming area with water slides, hot tub, an outdoor movie theater and we were parked next to a small pond with ducks! Lil absolutely loved it from the time we arrived and even more so once she made a new friend and got to swim with her and her brother for most of the evening. It was a great time!


In the end we decided to continue on as planned to Alabama, but it was a great stop, one we’ll remember for a long time.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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