Stop 18 – Eastham, MA

Stop 18 – Eastham, MA

After leaving Mystic, CT we had an overnight stop in Richmond, Rhode Island which was a true hidden gem. We contemplated extending our stop there just so we could enjoy the lush trees, the giant playground and explore the cool general store they had onsite. They even had a restaurant that had wonderful fresh seafood. Thankfully we got there early and were able to spend a good amount of time experiencing all the park had to offer before heading on to Eastham Massachusetts.

Eastham, which is part of Cape Cod was cool enough even though there weren’t quite as many places to explore as we had hoped. We did get to ride the scooters on an incredible biking trail and see the famous lighthouse from the Cape Cod chip bag. The coolest part was being all of the way out on the “toe” of Massachusetts! We drove all the way out to the tip to Provincetown and had dinner.

Even though we were only there for 2 nights we really did some exploring! And I was pretty antsy to head to our next destination, the one I’ve been looking forward to most, Kennebunkport, Maine!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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