Stop 16 – Cape May, NJ

Stop 16 – Cape May, NJ

After an overnight stop in Lincoln, DE at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Resort and then driving 3.5 hours up and around Delaware Bay only to end up less than an hour away from where we started we finally arrived in Cape May, NJ.

Cape May was very picturesque and had plenty of that New England charm. Old buildings, a promenade full of small shops of different types. Harbors full of fishing boats and plenty of seafood restaurants. Our RV park was just OK. Plenty of trees but our spot in particular was mostly asphalt.

We spent a good amount of time driving around and exploring Cap May and the nearby town of Wildwood. Overall there was a bit less to do than we were expecting, but with all of the traveling we’ve been doing we welcomed a bit more down time to rest.

This was the last stop where Crys’ mom was with us. She got to visit 6 states during her time with us and we made lots of memories! The highlight of my memories from Cape May will be the New England feel of the old houses and buildings and the evening when Crys and I spent a couple of hours driving up the coast. There were lots of cool toll bridges that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

Our next stop will be Connecticut, of which we have no expectations. Very curious to see what it’s like!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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