Stop 12 – Myrtle Beach, SC

Stop 12 – Myrtle Beach, SC

We left Florida with a great sense of anticipation. We are so excited to see more of the east coast! We stopped for the night in Savannah, GA and had a beautiful spot on a large pond. We also grabbed dinner at a really cool place on the water called The Fish Dock.

The following morning we hit the road for the next stop on our journey, Surfside Beach, SC!

When we arrived at Ocean Lakes Family Campground we were blown away. It was absolutely massive in there were 4 or 5 lanes just for check-in, and they were full. One of the primary reasons we chose Ocean Lakes is because it’s right on the beach and we were very close, less than 250 feet, from the ocean. Of course we also immediately had to check out one of the MANY local seafood buffets.

One of the other special things about this stop was that my mom and step-dad were going to come and visit us for a couple of weeks. Crys and I also had an early anniversary trip planned for Jamaica and they were going to spend time with Lil while we were gone. More on that later.

A good portion of our time in South Carolina was spent enjoying restaurants and attractions in the area. We played a little putt-putt, visited a pinball museum and played for a couple of hours, had a lot of fun at the arcade which was on-site at the RV resort!

What I’ll remember most about South Carolina is the peace. The time we spent sitting on the beach, even when it was far too cold. The great conversations with my parents. Riding around the resort in the golf cart was also pretty awesome.

Originally our plan was to head to Williamsburg, VA next, but we ended up deciding to head to Pigeon Forge, TN for a bit to allow the weather to warm up a bit.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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