Stop 11 – Disney’s Fort Wilderness

Stop 11 – Disney’s Fort Wilderness

It’s a nice place to visit, and I would LOVE to live there!

At the time I’m writing this we’ve just crossed the 1-year mark of our RV adventure! Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is by far the most beautiful campsite we’ve had during our travels. It was like living in the middle of a forest with large pine trees and Spanish moss all over the place. Every moment spent outside of the Disney parks was peaceful and refueling to say the least.

Every trip we’ve taken to Disney World in the past has been a very rushed and brutal 5-10 event. At the end of it our shoes are destroyed (as well as our feet) and we definitely need another vacation. This trip was very different. There were many days we didn’t attend the parks at all, but most of the time we would spend an afternoon or evening at a park, at most 3-4 hours. It was very sustainable and even more enjoyable. Personally I feel like I really got to enjoy the parks. I rode my favorite rides multiple times. Lil was able to enjoy the parks without getting so exhausted that she had trouble making good choices. It also made Crys’ sciatic issues less problematic because we could visit the parks and really get our fill without her being in too much pain.

One of the fun things about Fort Wilderness is that they have boat transport directly to Magic Kingdom, so we could hop on the boat and enjoy a peaceful ride to the parks without having to get on a bus. Some of my favorite memories from this trip are the boat rides, especially in the evenings. Lil and I even got to witness the float parade, the oldest running attraction at Disney World, one night.

My brother Austin and I also got to live out a dream by eating and drinking our way around EPCOT. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. We sampled treats and drinks from around the World Showcase and managed to sample something from every single pavilion.

Fort Wilderness also has horseback riding and Lil got to go on her very first pony ride!

I also ended up stumbling upon a cigar lounge that I’ve been wanting to visit for some time, the Corona Cigar Co. I made several visits including an extended visit with dad one evening where we enjoyed cigars and had a great chat. I won’t forget that either.

With Crys’ mobility issues Lil and I had several opportunities to go to the parks alone and see how many rides we could squeeze in before closing. I’ll tell you what, those will be some of my best memories from this trip. We rode Slinky Dog Dash, Big Thunder Mountain, Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, just about every ride she was able to get onto.

I’m combing my brain to make sure I document all of the highlights, even if only for myself, but suffice to say we had the experience of a lifetime and it saddens me to know that we’ll probably never have another extended Disney trip like this once we come off the road.

When we leave Fort Wilderness we’ll be headed to our next lengthy stop at Myrtle Beach, SC where we’ll be connecting with mom and Rick and also taking an early 10th anniversary trip to Jamaica! Talk to you soon!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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