It seems as though spring might be here, and the weather may stop playing its morbid game of is it spring or is it winter. I was getting pretty sick of all of the cold weather, and those few days we had last week of warm weather just set my heart on this Summer.

Weather.com says that it is 77 degrees outside, but with the Indiana humidity, it feels like 80’s. I would like to be outside and soaking up the sunshine like it was never going to come again, but I’ve got bills to pay just like every other human being on this Earth not living with his/her parents, so I take the chance and suffer the opportunity costs of a life not labeled as “loser-like”.

I have been trying to eat more healthy for the past couple of weeks, and things have been going really well. Believe it or not, I have gone more than a week without drinking any pops or soda’s at all, just water, and one cup of cranberry juice this weekend. However, today for lunch I brokedown and had a nice cold A&W Root Beer at the local A&W All American Food place. However, I don’t feel as if I have failed my goal, I just took a 5 minute break.

 Well, graduation is nearing, and I am ready. I feel as if I have done nothing but work with little rest for the last couple of years. My graduation is on Friday, May 10th in the evening. I should be one of the first people to cross the platform, which will be cool. I am not taking any classes this Summer or this Fall due to the wedding and making adjustments to that. I do, however, plan on starting at IUPUI in the Spring if my work situation will be all right, and I can deal with the drive.

 Well, I believe that is it for now, check back soon for more updates.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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