We found a truck!

We found a truck!

It has been a marathon the last few days. Crys and I are exhausted and while we’ve made loads of progress on getting the house prepped for the realtor to take photos, we still have a bit to go. Thankfully Lil stayed at Candi and Darren’s this weekend which was a huge help.

We have so much stuff… it’s borderline embarassing. We’ve nested in this house, truly, and while it has been nice I’m very aware of just how a large house can allow you to accumulate. I’m really hoping that RV living gives us a new perspective on stuff.

We have nearly the entire garage FULL of garage sale items and we’ve already cleared a decent amount in sales just with Facebook marketplace and selling our Prius to a good friend for his daughters first car.

To add to the excitement we ended up finding a truck that we fell in love with on Thursday night. Through a process of elimination we decided that we were going to need to spend more money on the truck than we planned. The ones we were finding for around 50k felt either worn out or too stripped down for cross-country drives. This truck we found was a 2020 Ford F-350 DRW (dually) Lariat, exactly what we wanted. Crys messaged the dealer and made an offer. We didn’t hear back until the next day.

Here it was, about 1:30 and we got a message that while they couldn’t eat much of the tax, fees, etc, but they came close enough to our offer. I called dad to see if they could watch Lil while we drove the 4 hours to Oklahoma to buy the truck. They helped thankfully, which meant the world to us.

We arrive at the dealership and saw the truck, it was beautiful. Perfect in fact. Crys, being the amazing lady she is, had called on our way to get everything sorted so they could have all the paperwork ready for us when we arrived. We walked in and they handed us the keys to test drive immediately. The truck was amazing, truly made you feel like the king of the road. Crys did the test drive because I already knew I wanted it. We got back to the dealership and while she took care of the loan inside I played around with the truck outside, discovering all of the bells and whistles. Come to find out the truck actually had the Ultimate package, including the special towing camera setup we really wanted. It was even better than we hoped.

On the way home I drove the truck and Crys drove the Pilot. It was a long drive but we made it back just shy of 11:00. Dad had sat at the house with Lil waiting for us.

The next day we got to experience the joys of owning a truck. We took a large load of stuff to storage, it’s awesome just how much it can hold! The tires were a bit more worn than expected so they’ll need to be replaced, but overall I’m super excited about our truck! I’m hoping the size will make it full in control when we’re pulling the 5th wheel.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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