Planting Crops & Braving the Clown Car

Yesterday turned out to be a great day. When I got home from work I decided to mow the grass since it was getting a little long. It was nice to be outside with the soft breeze and the smell of fresh cut grass. I actually enjoyed it. There’s something about getting outside and doing work that really makes a person feel like they’re getting something accomplished. I must have been in the mood to work because I did the dishes and gathered up the recycling once I was finished with the grass.
Being in the mood to work outside I decided to play my John Deer American Farmer game on the computer for most of the night. It’s a very good game and I’m really impressed with the level of detail. Not only can you do the obvious things like plant crops and keep farm animals, but you can also track the market for various types of crops allowing you to sell the grain in your bins at just the right moment. The game actually gives you the feeling that you’ve been out in the fields working.
This morning Kristen told me that she was going to take my car to work. Her car has been having some trouble and since the part hasn’t arrived yet so it can be fixed she wasn’t comfortable driving it all of the way to Connersville. I drove her 2004 Honda Civic to work this morning and I was barely able to get into the door. It felt much like a clown car, though I’ve never experienced a real clown car first hand.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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