Mushroom hunting & another great weekend

A photo of Kristen's grandparent's farm.
Photos by Jamie Hamilton
"King dans les Camera"

This weekend was one of the more interesting that I’ve had in a while. It started off pretty normal as Kristen and I waited for her brother to arrive at our house so we could decide what we were going to do for the the evening. Upon his arrival I noticed that Jamie had brought his computer, so I knew we were going to be doing some gaming that night.
We spent most of the night playing Rise of Nations online against other people. There’s something especially great about that game and the online aspect of it that makes it much better than any other game of the same genre. We played for several hours before doing some surfing around the internet for a while.
At around 10:30 Kristen was already in bed so she could get up the next morning for BSF and Jamie and I were just getting going. We were both ready for a snack so we went to LoBill and got some chips, pretzels and root beer. Once we were back we decided to watch a movie. The only problem with that is that Kristen was in bed and a movie would be too loud. So, we improvised and ended up with two sets of headphones hooked up to the TV and the stereo. What insued was pure movie bliss. We both had independant volume controls and our own headphones. It was great. We watched all of Outbreak, and I wasn’t too impressd despite the great cast. Once that was over we went to bed.
Saturday was a great day. It started out very relaxing, Kristen, Jamie and I all played computer games and spend the morning around the house. In the afternoon we decided to go mushroom hunting. Once we were there Kristen decided she didn’t want to go so Tom, Jamie and I went out into the deep woods to go mushroom hunting. The place we looked at was a very thick and large woods. I haven’t been in a place like this since I was a little kid. The araa was completely defraud of any kind of semblance of technology and there were no buildings in sight. Trees, wildflowers and rocks were the main players on this stage.
Not having drank enough water that morning I had tough time fighting dehydration as we trekked throught the thick woods and then the field. We reached the edge of the woods which revealed a large grass-covered field. Our destination was on the opposite side of the field and without roads we were left to make the journey on foot. It seemed much longer than it was, but I was determined to make it to the "best forest for sponge mushrooms in Wayne County" as Tom put it.
Once we reached the edge of the woods I couldn’t believe that this area was even thicker than the last woods we walked through. It must have been the dense tree cover that made it a better place for mushrooms. We started into the woods, keeping our eyes peeled for any sign of mushrooms. We split up and each spent a good deal of time searching. After around an hour of finding only one mushroom we decided to head back. Back through the field and back through the first woods we went and finally back to the truck.
On our way back Jamie noticed that he had several ticks on him and for good reason started getting a little jumpy. As soon as we were back we checked ourselves for ticks, rounded up Kristen and her mom and went to our homes to shower and try to reduce the chances of having a tick latched onto our skin. We spent the rest of the evening sitting around. I watched the Pacer’s game with Jamie and a friend of his and Kristen watched TV.
Sunday started out pretty normal with us going to church. After that we headed over to my mom’s house for a good visit and some great steaks on the grill. After that we went to hang out with Kristen’s parents and some friends. I played a lot of Tiger Woods golf on the Xbox with Chuck and we grilled hot dogs out on the grill. Once we got home, Kristen and I started watching Schindler’s List. We didn’t quite make it through the first half, but I can tell that it’s going to be powerful.
That was about it. Overall a very satisfying weekend.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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