Summer Plans

This summer is shaping up to be very eventful. Aside from the Math class that I’m taking for the first part of the summer, we have a wedding in Florida, a youth camp in New Castle and who knows what else.
The class I’m taking is finite mathemetics. Luckily my wife was a math major in college, so I should have all of the help I could ever need. It starts on May 16th and I’ll have class every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 until 7:40. I’m not looking forward to giving up my free time, but every investment has a cost. I’m sure I’ll deal with it.
Kristen’s cousin, who was also in our wedding, is getting married (to a graphic designer, yeah!) in July and Kristen is going to be part of the wedding party. We’re going to be driving there with her grandparents and her mom. We’ll be out of town for over a week and we’re really looking forward to getting some time away from it all. Kristen’s aunt and uncle live in a town called Titusville, which is very close to where they launch the space shuttle. I found out today that they will be launching the space shuttle while we’re there, so I’ll be sure to take my camera and get some pictures.
The last week of July Kristen and I are going to be volunteering for a youth work camp in New Castle Indiana. My cousin is a youth leader at a church there and he’s working with a group of other church leaders in the area to organize a youth work camp for teens from all over. The camp will be very similar to th ACTS Work Camp that Kristen and I attended last summer, so we’re really looking forward to it.
In general this summer is really shaping up to be great. We’re very excited about everything that’s going on and I’m really looking forward to getting back into school.

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