Handbrake doesn't find main movie / feature?

I’ve been in the process of ripping my DVDs onto my computer for quick access. In the process I found that for some DVDs Handbrake didn’t find or detect the disk’s main feature so I was unable to rip the DVD. Initially I thought this was just because of the way the DVDs were encoded but I found an easy workaround.

When you initially load the disk into Handbrake you usually choose the “Detected Volumeâ€? option to scan the contents of the DVD disk. However, to correct this problem we’ll use the “DVD Folder/Imageâ€? option and browse to the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD and select it instead. Now Handbrake will find the main feature and detect it properly and you’re on your merry way!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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