Another Weekend

We’ve been doing very well in the weekend fun department for the last month or so. Last weekend I wrote about my mushroom hunting adventures and the tick infestation. This weekend was also fun and even better than last weekend in that we didn’t have any ticks crawling on us.
Friday night was pretty out of the ordinary, we went to Jamie’s graduation ceremony for the IU East/Purdue class of 2005. He was the class representative so he got to sit in the front with all of the many representatives from IU and Purdue. That event lasted no less than 2 hours and by the time it was over, at 8:00 we were all very hungry so we went to Golden Corral. We had a great time talking and visiting with Kristen’s grandparents and parents. Once that was over we went home and Kristen went to bed. I stayed up and watched I, Robot and played pool on the computer until around 3:00am. I don’t get to stay up late very often, so I took advantage of the opportunity.
The next day we went over to Kristen’s grandparents to help them buy a new computer online. We were over there most of the afternoon on trying to find a computer that would meet their needs while also improving their computer experience overall. Once that was over we went with a friend to the movies to see National Treasure, which is a movie that Kristen thought that I would like. She was right, it had a good mix of interesting history and the Ocean’s 11 style of "smart" robbery. It was pretty unique overall and very entertaining. Once that was over it was time to go home and go to bed.
Sunday was pretty uneventful. I spent most of the day at a friend’s house playing golf on the XBox and Kristen spent most of the day at the house waiting for a phone call that never came. That evening we hung out with some friends from church and had a great time before coming home and going to bed.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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