First Night of Class

Last night was the first meeting of the math class that I’m taking this semester. It was very surreal as I drove up through the long drive that leads to the building where my class was. I had driven up that road hundereds of times in the past, but this was the first time I had been on that road since I graduated in 2002. As I was walking from my car to the building I think I actually said outloud "this is weird". I wasn’t expecting to ever be back to this school again, let alone the same building most of my classes were in my last semester of college.
I made my way up the stairs inside of the building. The same stairs that I vividly remember going up the last time I went to my Physics class. I remember thinking to myself then that this would be the last time I would go up those stairs.
I found my room and I was there pretty early so I started looking through the book for the class. Most of the stuff in the book is things that I’ve never done before and I couldn’t help but be a little nervous thinking about when the time would come that I would have to learn these new things. Then everyone started arriving.
The class consists mostly of IU Bloomington students trying to get a class out of the way at an easier campus. I hate to tell them, but it’s probably going to be harder. Much harder. The instructor seems like a great guy and very knowledgable. I’m trying to soak up everything he says in hopes that I’ll truly understand the things we’re doing. In the past I’ve had the habit of learning enough in a math class to barely get by but not retaining much of anything. This time I’m going to be more conscious of trying to learn.
Overall I’m going to try and be a great student this time around. I’m not in school again to try and find a different job or change careers like I was before. I’ve already got a great job, and I can’t imagine finding anything that I would like better. I’m in this for me. Period.

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