An update

It’s been a little while since my last post, and there area a few things to update you on…

The biggest thing that’s changed since my last post is the fact that my grandfather died. It’s a big change for the family, but we Christians know that sadness only shows in the darkness when it comes to death.

Another big item is that Kristen and I have decided to hold off an extra year on moving to Arizona. Mostly it was a financial decision and realistic. We would have been pretty uncomfortable if we had moved out there when we were planning. So, we’re going to plan on leaving in the beginning of Summer 2005.

Everything has been really great other than my grandfather’s death, but that hasn’t set me back much really. We’ve both been working a lot, I got my second job at Pizza Hut where I’m delivering pizzas for extra money. It’s not bad work, the only drawback is that my car is going to pot… and quick… I may have to look for something that doesn’t require me to drive 50+ miles each night I work. It’s too bad, I like that job.

August 10th is our 1st wedding anniversary and we can’t believe how smooth or quickly the time has gone. We’ve had a wonderful first year and can’t wait to start our second. So far we really don’t know what we’re gonig to do to celebrate. I have to work at Pizza Hut, so we’ll probably have to do it another night.

Wow, I guess there isn’t as much going on as I thought… I’ll write back once there is more to tell.

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