Life after High School

The Centerville Blue Regiment performs at the 2003 State Fair Band Day in Indianapolis, IN

Well, yesterday was the annual State Fair Band Day competition that clamied many, many days and hours of my time in high school. I have to say that I really miss being involved in such a (seemingly) worthwhile event. The practices, the feeling of being in a band that’s among the best in the state, the feeling of placing in the top 5 even though you’re one of the smaller bands in the competition. I miss it all…

Richmond High school placed 2nd overall and Centerville (where I went to high school) placed 4th overall! Centerville won 1st place small band and a couple of caption awards. Congrats to them all.

I’m sitting here at my desk listening to the Pat Metheny Group in my headphones and I have to say that the slow, moody jazz is the perfect backdrop for my somewhat somber mood right now. The music sounds like an old nighclub scene from a cheap cop flic. Very odd…

Maybe a poem?

Days gone by, many it seems
but not enough to erase the memories
of fun-filled summers and days without care

Dramatic relationships, the hunt was on 🙂
drawn in to anyone that would give me time
very aimless and very sheltered

It’s not without reward or fun, "real" life
but the ratio of fun to work and life is low
and the draw on myself to get out of bed is lower

Future holds excitement, as does the day… sometimes
but now, the future of yesterday, doesn’t seem to be as exciting
I’ve always been excited about the future, and today is it, for now

Why is the fun gone? Responsability wants its turn I guess
Good thing I know what life is really about
faith and love and good happiness stuff

Yeah, I feel better…

Why is it that we have to leave behind the careless days of high school and being focused only on the drama that is high school? I’d love to know your thoughts…

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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