Another Great Weekend

Kristen and I had another fun weekend this last week. Friday night we spent the evening at Kristen’s grandparent’s house putting their new computer together. They got a Dell and a 17" Flat Panel monitor. It is a very nice computer and should serve them very well.
Saturday was one of the best days that I’ve had in a long time. It started off with Kristen and I and a friend going out to lunch at Pizza King. After that we rounded up Jamie and we all headed to Liberty Indiana to Wally World. There we played games, went to the driving range and rode go-karts. My favorite part was the driving range. I’ve been getting more and more interested in learning how to golf over the last year or so. I found that I actually did pretty well considering that I’ve only played a total of around 18 holdes of golf in my entire life despite having worked at a gold course after high school.

Once we were finished there we decided to drive up to the Fairfield ramp on Brookville Lake. There we sat near the water and enjoyed the scenery. I wanted so badly to jump into the water as it was pretty hot outside, but I didn’t have anything to swim in and the water didn’t smell too good either. We left there and headed towards Richmond.
We had been planning all day to go see the new Star Wars movie, so we drove to the theater and got our tickets. We still had around 2 hours before the movie started and since we had a great parking spot right in front of the theater we decided to walk down the plaza and get something to eat at Applebee’s. Once we got there we found out that it was happy hour and one of the benefits of happy hour was half-priced appetizers. So, to save a few dollars on our bill we ordered appetizers as our meal. Jamie and I both got the nachos and they were huge.
Once we were finished eating we walked to another section of the plaza an looking around in a couple of stores. Kristen and Tara went into Trinity book store and Jamie and I went into Dunham’s Sports. There we browsed around at all of the various pieces of sporting equipment. I was particularly interested in what looked like a skateboard but had about 10 wheels in the front and back. I think it was supposed to be like a surf board for land. After that we browsed around the golf clubs and the weight lifting equipment. After that we were off to the movie.
I was very impressed by Star Wars Episode III. The movie tied up the story that has spanned six movies into a nice package that left me with more respect for the franchise overall. I wanted to go home and watch the other five so I could better appreciate the things I found out in Episode III.
Sunday another pretty fun day, after church we went to lunch at Mancino’s Pizza. Once we were finished with lunch I met Jamie at the gym were we lifted for an hour or so. I had some homework that was due on Monday so after lifting I went home and finished it up. Then, two hours later, I was free and went to a friends house to play the Tiger Woods golf game. We finished up another Sunday night hanging out with friends.
Once we got home and Kristen went to bed I spent a while watching a show on Food TV about barbecuing in the south and then watched another movie, Ladder 49. I liked Ladder 49, but it wasn’t a wonderful movie by any standard. What I did take away from it was a greater respect and admiration for firefighters, which I believe is what the filmmakers wanted me to gain from the movie.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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