The Veil

The Veil

For a moment I want you to forget about all of the stuff you’ve been told about religion. Think about this from an emotional perspective. The veil separating God and man was torn the day Christ died. It literally tore from ceiling to floor, but it also symbolically tore. Where as before our unholiness separated us from God and thus only the High Priest could enter behind the veil after making a blood sacrifice, now all men through Christ are seen as holy in God’s sight. We now have the LITERAL ability to look at God face to face, without fear.

God loves us so much that he was willing to go to great lengths to gain face-to-face relationship with us. We shouldn’t take this so lightly. We, especially as Americans, have a natural instinct to honor sacrifice. People in the armed service are held to a very high regard, as they should be, because of the sacrifice they have made, and make on a daily basis for our freedom. God made an even greater sacrifice, for our freedom.

Praise HIM! It’s time to rise church!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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