The smoking machine

I’ve been waiting for it and expecting it, and this morning it happened. My computer’s power supply blew up. This past week I’ve been smelling that fried electronics smell that I’ve come to know very well after losing 2 or 3 power supplies in the past. So, I had to just sit there and wait on it. Overall this computer, which I’ve built myself and have been upgrading over the years to keep it in commission, has served me very well.
I’m going out today to try to find a new power supply as well as a new case with fans built into it. For whatever reason my current case didn’t have a fan, so I’m sure that hasn’t helped much.
Oh how I wish I could just spend the $500 and get one of the new Mac Mini’s from Apple. All of my troubles would vanish. It’s a beautiful machine.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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