The Power of Christ

Back when I was in high school I was really into heavy metal and some other similar genres. Among my favorite bands was the group Korn. Like most of the metal bands I listened to, I enjoyed Korn’s music because it gave me an adrenaline rush that I couldn’t reproduce any other way. So, it became something that I listenend to all of the time to vent.
However, when I accepted Christ and became a Christian one of the many things that changed was my idea of what is and isn’t acceptable in God’s sight. No, God wasn’t going to get mad at me for listening to Korn, but he would be much happier if I listenend to music that honors Him instead of worldy ideas like harboring hate against your father, killing an ex-girlfriend, etc.
I saw online on Sunday that "Head" (Brian Welch), one of the guitarists in Korn has become a Christian and that he had traveled to Isreal to be baptized in the Jordan River. I was floored. Since becoming a Christian I’ve always understood that God can reach anyone, but I’ve also had a conflicting idea that some people have decided to go so far away from God that they’re essentially unreachable. Well, once again I’m proven wrong.

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