The Chrysler Building in matchsticks

The Chrysler Building in matchsticks

Matchsticks: The Chrysler BuildingI started an interesting hobby this last weekend. It sort of came upon me out of the blue when Kristen and I were walking around Veach’s, a local toy store supreme. As I was walking around looking at all of the cool edutainment games they have I noticed the “Matchitecture” kits they had. Some of them were incredibly elaborate (and expensive) but I managed to find a couple of kits that were less than $20. I ended up choosing the Chrysler Building kit, though I also considered the Empire State building.

The kits are pretty cool, they contain a big bag of matchsticks, a cutter for trimming the sticks to the right size, a small tube of wood glue with a fine tip (perfect for putting tiny drops of glue on tiny sticks), large tweezers to more easily handle the matchsticks, a sheet of acetate to glue the sticks into place and easy removal and obviously design plans to help guide you as you construct your masterpiece.

I found the practice of cutting the sticks to size and gluing them together to be very therapeutic. There was a real sense of accomplishment as I finished each substructure for the building. I’m not very far into the project and it’s becoming clear that this project is going to take quite a bit longer than I had expected. I’ve put about 6 hours into the project so far and I’m probably only a fifth of the way to being done.
More pics to come.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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