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Well, classes just started again, and it is starting to become clearer that maybe one day I can do 3D modeling and animation as a career. I am taking a class on SolidWorks, which has just replaced AutoCad as the primary CAD/CAM program at Purdue University, and it is so much easier for me to translate my ideas from my jumbled mess of a brain to a nice looking, complex 3D model. This is VERY exciting because before my weakness was modeling because I HATED AutoCad, so now, I am home free.

My other class is CGT 216, a vector illustration class. It will be (maybe) more fun than I thought it would be. I am not a big fan of any vector graphics other than 3D and Flash Animation, so the idea of creating cartooney looking graphics does not appeal to my interest. However, the things that I create in FreeHand (the program used to create vector graphics in this class) can be imported into Flash as vector shapes, so I can get some use out of this class.

The 3rd and final class that I am taking for my AS in Computer Graphics Technology is Physics 2. This class will be the bummer of all times. I already completed Physics one in Fall of 2001, and I hated that, so I am sure that I will not like this class any more than the other. However, the subject matter is somewhat different (light and sound as opposed to Kinetic Motion, tangential acceleration and other words that make you sound really smart if you use them in the right context), so it should be a little better.

Well, apart from work and school, the only productive thing that I do is run, and some developments have been popping up with that lately. First of all, I received an email from a man that runs the website, a website devoted to providing college, heterosexual males with the ins and outs of what is good and what is not in all matters you can imagine. Anyway, the man that runs the website contacted me and wants me/ to write several horror movie revues a month to be posted on his website! It does not pay anything but there website gets several thousand unique visitors per day, so I am sure that it will increase traffic to

The other big thing that happened was that a horror movie magazine called "Are you going?" has contacted me a wants to swap advertising space. I think that their magazine only has about 10,000 subscribers, but that will be very nice to have ads in a magazine!

Other than that, I cannot think of much that is going on, so check back later.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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