Stop 2 – Kankakee, IL

Stop 2 – Kankakee, IL

Yesterday was a big (and stressful) day! We towed our RV for the first time! I was very relieved with how easy to pull, but you can bet your biscuit I’ll do everything I can to avoid backing it up!

The day started with me over filling the black tank when flushing it. I got distracted and we ended up with a small amount of water on the bathroom floor. Thankfully it wasn’t worse, but I was sure I’d never do that…

We had a bit of trouble getting it hitched up initially but finally got it figured out! After that we went to a large parking lot to practice parking with tons of help from Tina N Rick Smith. After that we hit the road on a 213 mile trip to Chebanse, IL for an overnight stay at KOA.

Upon arrival we got unhitched quickly but ran into problems with the auto level system. Thankfully one of the other residents spent nearly an hour helping me and even talked with support to get the problem solved. Finally we were leveled and able to finish setting up for the night. We had a couple of small issues with things breaking in transport, but nothing major. It’s a good opportunity for us to utilize our MacGyver skills, I guess.

We went swimming and sat in the dark talking for a while before getting to bed and we’ll be packing up here in the next hour or so to hit the road again.

Life on the road is not perfect and it is stressful, but so far, for now, it’s worth it.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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