Still married, and loving it!

We’ve been married nearly 4 months and it’s been amazing. We’re finally completely adjusted to being together and we’re really starting to enjoy life.

We got a cat recently named Pansy and she is the cutest little thing that you can imagine. She’s a black cat and she ways no more than 10 pounds if that.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with her around and it makes it much more comfortable around the house with her there. She’s very different than most cats because she comes to you when you call her. She lays on the couch with us sometimes and watches TV with us. She’s an all around good cat to have around.

We have a trip planned during the first week of January 2003 to visit my dad in Arizona. I haven’t seen him since the wedding and probably won’t get to see him for a while after this trip. So far we’re leaving on December 31st in the afternoon and getting back into town around 12:15 am. It’ll be a fun trip.

Here’s some news related to, I recently made a deal with that provides me with mucho store credit in exchange for advertising on I’m going to do my beset to get some goodies to family and friends, but there’s a cancellation clause in our contract so there is a possibility that I would get the full amount.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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