Married, Married, Married…

Married, Married, Married…

Married, Married, Married…

What a life changing thing, marriage. Kristen and I have been married for over 1 week now and I have to say that despite the large adjustments that we have both had to make to our lifestyles we are both extremely happy. I can’t understand why anyone would NOT want to get married.

Our cruise went over with no problems and we had a good time even though the events and entertainment that they had on the ship seemed to cater to the people that like to get drunk and gamble, which is something that neither of us likes to do.

The best part of our cruise were the ports of call. We spent two days at two different ports of call. Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel Mexico. Playa Del Carmen was amazing, a true look at Mexico. We had a little problem with the local shop keepers hounding us for money, but other than that we had a great day on the beach. Speaking of the beaches, wow. Clear, blue, cool, water that you could see through a depth of 25 feet. Truly amazing. We swam on the beach for a while before deciding to get back on the ship and have lunch.

The next day was our stop on Cozumel. I enjoyed Cozumel a lot more than I did Playa Del Carmen, something about the shops, and the city that made it a very comfortable place to be. We had booked a tour called “Passion Island Adventure” because it had everything that we we wanted and it was reasonably priced at $60 a head. That price included food, free drinks, swimming and a private beach.

In the past I had seen the Corona beer commercials on TV and though how wonderful it would be to visit the beach that they filmed those commercials on and just sit there. The tour director, as we were taking a ferry over to the privately owned island, announced over the intercom that a Corona beer commercial had just recently been filmed on the island that we were going to. I was amazed and couldn’t believe that we were actually going to get to sit, swim and eat on this island that we considered to be one of the prettiest beaches on Earth.

We walked off of the ferry and over to the beach, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was the most beautiful beach that I had ever seen, on TV, movies, or in real life. Azure water, and less than 60 people there with us. A private island all to ourselves.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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