Rotary Revolution

As I mentioned in my last post, Jamie (my brother-in-law) and I went to Indianapolis this weekend for the 2005 Rotary Revolution. It was a large gathering of rotary engine cars from all over the country and it was site. Though we did have a great time looking around at all of the cars and talking with the people there, our enthusiasm was slightly curtailed by the absolutely horrific weather.
It was around 30 degrees outside and the wind was blowing very, very hard almost all day. We arrived at around 10:30 and at around 1:30 decided we couldn’t take any more. So, after many of the events had been cancelled due to the weather and we felt like we had seen all there was to see, we left. Around 8 hours sooner than we had planned to.
We took many pictures, probably close to 200 between the two of us. I’ve posted all of the photos that I took in the Items of Interest section on the Rotary Revolution page. Most of the cars were newer RX-7s and RX-8s, but there was a good assortment of the older 1st Generation RX-7s there as well. They had an autocross track setup and that’s where most of the cars flocked to, but they also had a drag strip that was open for all of 10 minutes before they shut it down due to the wind. We were pretty disappointed.
Since we had left so much sooner than we had expected, we took our time on the way back home and drove through the middle of Indianapolis and took in the scenery of the town. While we were sitting at an intersection down near the main street in town we noticed that there were two people standing on the corner… and they were dressed as two storm troopers from Star Wars. Instantly we realized that there was probably a convention in town. When we saw them cross the street, we though we should follow them and see if there were others in costume. There were. We took photos like mad as we drove down the street and watched the line of people waiting to get into the convention go by. There were some, shall we say, interesting people out there.
As we were getting closer to the edge of Indianapolis we noticed a large yellow sign that said Flea Market. Being the suckers for a good flea market that we are we decided to stop and have a look see. We walked inside to a boring display of carpets and rugs. I thought we had entered the most boring and merchandiseless flea market on the planet, but then I saw "the tunnel". It was a short hall way in the back of the building. We walked towards it and as we got closer I could see that the building was much larger than we had though and that there was a massive village of shops placed throughout the back of this large store. We walked around for close to an hour and couldn’t believe all of the stuff they had. Incense, DVDs, knives, swords, ceramic tigers and panthers, computer parts, carved wood name plates, they had it all.
I can’t wait to go back there and take Kristen. She’ll understand what was so great about it.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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