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Summer BandThey’ve been poked fun at many times in movies (and in high school halls). They’re the band geeks, and we’re a misunderstood bunch. Yes, band geeks are interested in things that most other high school students couldn’t care less about; marching, playing music, spending our entire summers AT THE SCHOOL, and most of all even taking an extra class at school. But, do band kids have something in common other than these obvious things? I believe so.
Being in marching band in high school meant several things to me. Some quick browsing around my blog archives should show you how often I think about those days. It was my life. Not only did it offer an environment for a music-loving geek like myself to fine-tune my skills but it also offered a student with bad grades the chance to gain a little bit of respect with his peers. Sure, in my biology class I was the stoner that never did his homework, but in band I was the guy who could site-read anything and had gotten first at the state Solo and Ensemble contest. It gave me a chance to show that I had something to offer. One could offer that I used it as an excuse not to do well in my other classes, I’m still not sure if that would be accurate or not.
Either way there are lots of things that are very healthy about being involved in marching band in high school. There’s the dedication that’s involved (and if you don’t believe me try marching outside with a 40-pound drum hanging from your shoulders when it’s 90 degrees). There’s also the time that’s involved in preparing a show (and subsequently the time that you don’t spend having a normal life). It takes a certain amount of true motivation and drive to pull off an entire summer of marching band. Something a lot of people might not know is that there are many kids who begin summer band and never finish. It’s not something that everyone can follow through on; it requires a true desire to push yourself to the next level. These band kids should be admired.
Next week when Kristen and I sit up in the grandstands at the Indiana State Fair Band Day competition I’ll be very proud of the work all of those kids have put in for their marching band. From the prize winning bands to the bands that the other band kids make fun of; they’ve all worked hard and they deserve our support.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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