Just a moment of your time

Just a moment of your time

I’ve met a couple of celebrities over the years. I’ve never been too enamored with fame or those whom fame thrusts into the spotlight, but I do have a few heroes that I was happy to meet.
Quite a few years ago a friend and myself arrived early (far too early) for a concert in Cincinnati Ohio. As we stood outside nearly five hours before the concert an extremely tall man walked past and after a second or two I realized it was Steve Vai, the very man we were standing in line to see that night. I’m guessing you have no idea who Steve Vai is, and I can’t say I blame you, he’s a solo guitarist who is admired by pretty much every guitar player on the planet. I ran over, introduced myself and shook his massive hand, it was pretty cool.

Just a few weeks ago I got to meet someone else that I admire greatly, Kari Jobe. She’s a worship leader and vocalist who I hadn’t heard much of until about 6 months ago. I was visiting Gateway Church in Texas, which is the church I’ll be joining once I get moved to Texas, and she’s one of the associate pastors there. What I couldn’t tell her at the time, but hope to tell her one day is how God used her, in the darkest period of my life, to remind me that He was more than enough for me. It was an amazing blessing.
But there’s one encounter that tops them all.

Tonight when I was praying I was struck, again, for what seems the hundredth time in the last 6 months with an amazing thought: The Creator of the universe is willing to spend time thinking about, talking to and having a relationship with me. Whoah. Of all of the people in the universe from whom I could steal just a moment of their attention, none of them could ever top that. The same God that spoke the heavens into existence and assigned names to the countless stars pursues me, cares about me, wants me to care about Him.
Have you pondered that before? Despite the fact that he knows everything, the good – and the bad – about you, He loves you to a degree that you cannot even fathom. And nothing will make him happier than for you to love Him back! My prayer for you is that today, even right now wether you’re sitting in a cubicle or at home in front of your computer, that you’ll take a moment and allow yourself to be overcome by His Amazing Love.

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