shutting down

new_ldead_logo.gifAs most of you know I created a website based around horror movies a few years ago. You might also know that for personal reasons I resigned my ownership of the site over to my two partners about 5 months ago. Well, after lots o internal struggles and the inability to find someone to manage the technical aspsects of the website, they have decided to shut the site down. was created to be an online community for horror movie fans. It would give them the ability to write about, talk about and get information about just about any horror movie you can think of. I grew my skills in every area by working on the site and I can say that I’ve learned more from that project than anything else I’ve done.
I’m not really sad to see it go, but I do wish I had another website of that size that I could maintain and foster. There’s something about hosting thousands of people a day and providing them with something they enjoy that I really like.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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