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it seems like there should be lots of new things to talk about right now. I know that things have been very busy lately and there have been lots of developments, so I’ll try to remember everything and get it listed out here for you.
First of all, perhaps the biggest news is that Kristen and I went to the bank and talked to someone about getting a home loan. It was a very eventful meeting. We now have an idea of what we need to save for a downpayment as well as about how much we can afford for a home. We’re planning on not buying anything until we find something out in the country in Centerville. We have lots of plans for a house like that, many of which include the youth group and various musical activities such as bands. We’re very excited about this.
The plan right now is to start saving money and hopefully by late winter or early spring we’ll be ready to buy. I can’t wait.
In other news the band performed at the EvangelFest service and it was wonderful. I’ve never played in front of a group like that and not been focused so much on the music that it ends up causing me to make more mistakes. I was actually just playing, like I would at home. It was wonderful. It feels so great to be playing for Christ and not myself. This is how it is meant to be.
The band is going to continue playing, but there is a lot of sound gear that we need to purchase before we can really play many more services or shows. I’m considering selling the bass I just bought so I can purchase a mixer. I’ve found the perfect mixer that is going to save us TONS of money down the road. It’s a mixer that has build in effects so you don’t have to purchase expensive effects units. It would be wonderful. The mixer itself is only about $500, so if you’re interested in making a donation to the band, please contact me and let me know, we would be very grateful.
In the meantime, I’m going to be playing some acoustic music with two of the other guys in the band. We’re planning on doing some arrangements of the Christmas songs and playing at some churches and even coffee bars closer to Christmas time. We have two events that we’re playing at so far, and I’ll keep you posted if others come up.
I believe that’s it for now. There have been some great things going on at work, but I won’t go into all of those here. Ask me about them sometime and I’ll tell you all about it.

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