Stepping out onto the ledge dividing life and life unknown I stare in awe of the beauty of what’s ahead but still fear the possibility of the drop-off that my mind tells me is there

The past should set me at ease but the tug of my desire to worry almost always wins out. Scared. Scared of losing. Scared of giving up. Scared of being engulfed by the unseen masses of people that might know what I do, and how.

I desire more. I hold the key to happiness in my future and yet fear turning it for the sharp, worn edges that might cut. Ironic. Learning to accept change and the uncertainty that comes with it is the only way I can make it. I guess.

And the people that will never understand why anyone would want to move away from what they’ve always had? What about them? What will they say? Sadly I’m surrounded on all sides (that matter) with people like this. The first to break the mold is the first to accept the blame, but those that come after the blamed are given to a life more enchanting.

Family is the only thing in life that matters? Not if you’re happy.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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