Back from Arizona

Well, Kristen and I just returned from our trip to Arizona with my Grandmother and brother. It was wonderful…

It was wonderful to spend time with my brother Mitchell again. I don’t get to see him much and it was really nice to be able to spend an entire week with him. We spent most of the week outside in the 90-degree weather. Their pool was only about 67 degrees at it’s warmest point, but we enjoyed it all the same. 🙂

Recently I mentioned that I was applying to an art school and that I hadn’t been accepted. Well, I found out the day before we left for our trip that I HAVE been accepted!!! So, you probably want to know what the school is right? Well, it’s the The Art Institute of Phoenix in northern Phoenix Arizona. Kristen and I visited the school last Monday and it was wonderful. The Art Institute of Phoenix (AIPX) is part of the prestigious Art Institutes which is a collection of schools with campuses across the US and parts of Canada. It’s a private school, so it’s a little more pricey than a university, but I’ve talked with a couple of students that attended AIPX and they have had nothing but great things to say about their experiences there. I can’t wait… I start in October of 2004.

We’ll be moving to Arizona (not sure on the area yet) about this time next year. So, it’s a while off, but it’s coming.

Kristen and I are trying to get back in the swing of our normal routines and it’s a little tough right now after being without a schedule for the last week.

Oh yeah, I just thought, my brother Mitchell is planning on moving out to Arizona the beginning of next month! He’ll like it so much out there. Indiana has some beautiful country, but it doesn’t even compare to Arizona (at least the parts I’ve seen). I think I’m just more of a desert kinda guy than I am a trees and grass kinda guy. 🙂

We had an interesting experience yesterday when we went out for mother’s day dinner with my Mom and some other family last night. We made a trip to Dayton, Ohio with plans to go to the Olive Garden, but upon arrival discovered that it’s gone out of business since the last time we visited. We made our way back towards another part of town and ended up going to Lone Star Steak House.

We were expecting the place to be pretty busy with the holiday and all, but we were pretty upset when we found out that the wait was going to be 45 or so minutes… One hour of windy weather later (we were sitting outside because the inside was full of others already waiting) our small pager-like device finally went off. We could now enter the restaurant.

We walk in and finally get to our table where our overly-excited waiter starts taking drink orders. He was nice, but he seemed a little too excited to get me my grenadine cherry Coke (they didn’t have normal Cherry Coke…). So, he comes back out, we order and we wait… and wait… and wait. Finally over an hour goes by and our food still isn’t out to us. We asked several times VERY nicely where our food was and after coming out to tell us twice that our food would be out in 6 or 7 minutes, the manager comes out a third time and tells us that Lone Star is going to pay for all of our meals. This was pretty cool considering the overly-expensive price tag on my small bowl of chicken pasta. I was happy.

A few minutes after they tell us that they are paying for our meal, our food comes out. It looks great! However upon tasting several us that didn’t get steak found that our meals were somewhat lackluster… My meal was tasteless and I assume the other people that ordered pasta had a somewhat similar experience.

Joe’s Crab Shack was right next door to Lone Star and I would have been MUCH happier to have gone there. 🙂

Oh well. It was free.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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