A Darkened Room

A Darkened Room

I’m installing some blinds in my office today. Because of the large amount of snow outside reflecting the sunlight it’s sometimes very difficult to see my computer (what an 80s word) screen. As I sat back down at my desk I had mixed emotions; even though I can see my screen much better I’m not able to enjoy the beautiful country landscape outside of my office as much as I was before. A thought came to mind.

I’ve been thinking about the absence of light a bit lately. Our enemy has one overriding tactic that he uses to try and gain control over our will and emotions and that is to give us a false interpretation of what our circumstances mean. Slowly, as we agree with his lies and misinformation darkness creeps in, or rather light is shut out. The longer the light is blocked from the room of your heart the more the darkness takes over and the mold thrives in the dark dankness of that area.
Thank God He’s a lifter! A lifter of the blinds in this case  The act of lifting the blinds is a simple one, you simply ask God to give you His truth about those events, if not why they happened then ask Him how He plans to use them for good… you know the verse.
It’s so simple, but sometimes we actually want to agree with the lies of the enemy. We want to hold onto the hurt, the pain, the grief. Sometimes it’s even scary to think about opening up that pain to the light because of how much it might hurt us or God but that’s just a protective mechanism that the darkness has enacted towards you, it wants to stay dark you see.
So how do you start this opening of the blinds? Here’s an example: God, I’m not sure what lie or lies I’ve believed that have caused this darkness in my heart but would you show me what those lies are? As He reveals each one of them ask Him to tell you the truth. His words will be remarkably personal and intimate, crafted in the perfect order for you.
I love you all!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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