Classes begin again

It’s time to get back at it. My class starts tonight and I’m looking forward to it somewhat. The class is a Business and Commercial Law class and I think that it will be somewhat interesting. Hopefully it won’t be a bunch of stuff that I’ll never need to know. I’m going today to get my book for the class which costs around $133. What a rip-off. The whole college book pricing scheme is so crazy.
I had a little birthday money so I went last night and got a couple of used movies at Hastings. I got American Beauty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Day After Tomorrow, all of them are movies that I’ve wanted to add to my collection. They were all less than $10 so I went ahead and got them all.
I’m going next week to get my eyes checked and get some new glasses. I’ve noticed for the last year or more that my eyes aren’t as good as they were, hopefully this will help that some. Kristen also got me Rome: Total War, a computer game and I’ve been playing that just about every evening at home. It’s very addictive.
This weekend is a 3-day weekend so hopefully we’ll get the chance to get some other things done. I hope that we don’t end up having bad weather because of the hurricane.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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