A great weekend!

We had a very good weekend! We got a chance to go out and do some shopping and get a few things that we wanted and needed. Elder Beerman had their Moonlight Madness sale going on so we got a few things for 50% off.
Saturday night was the Richmond Bicentennial Parade so I took that opportunity to go down and get some photos of the event. Most of them were too blurry because it was dark, but I managed to get a few good ones. I’ll be posting those online soon for your viewing pleasure.
It was also the weekend before my birthday so I got a few great gifts. From Kristen I got a computer game Rome Total War, a 1Gb memory card for my digital camera (so I can now hold close to 700 full quality images on my camera), and two new shirts. Kristen’s parents got me the first season of In Living Color, one of the funniest shows ever and gave me some cash as well to buy something else that I wanted. My dad got me a wonderful DVD that I’ve wanted for some time that features a color guard that I really like called the Pride of Cincinnati and their shows from the last 20 years. I’m going to be getting a steak dinner from my mom this weekend, so I’m looking forward to that.
I also spent some time on Sunday working on a video for my brother-in-law’s Mazda RX-7. He’s planning to trade it for another project car so he can start over and wanted to capture all of the work that he’s done on video. I mostly did the recording, he’s now working on the edit. I’ll try to post it once it’s finished.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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