And the lightning strikes…

I was awakened this morning by a huge boom outside of our bedroom window. Kristen had already left for Summer School and I was there alone, sleeping in a quiet solitude that happens only rarely then BOOM!!! The lightning had struck very close to our house right between our house and the neighbors house. I took a quick survey to make sure that the house wasn’t on fire and that’s when I heard a strange fizzy noise. I walked around the house until I could tell where the sound was coming from and then I saw the VCR, it was glowing like a Christmas tree.
I pulled it out and unplugged it to get it away from the other electronics, which seemed to be working fine then. It was smoking and it smelled exactly like my computer did a few months ago when I had to replace the power supply. It was the smell of ruined electronics. I checked the TV and the stereo and while the stereo was fine the TV wouldn’t come on. It’s not a big problem considering that it makes a high pitch wistling noise whenever there’s too much white on the screen (safe, I’m sure…). Upon further inspection I saw that our phone had also bitten the dust.
So, tonight we’re headed out to the East side of town to see what kind of deals we can get on a TV. Hopefully it will be an upgrade.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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