A positive shopping experience

As I mentioned in my last post, our house was recenly struck by lightening killing our phone, TV and a DVD recorder. The phone we replaced early the same day and we went that evening to get a new TV. It was a great experience.
I was very surprised by what you can get for a relatively low cost right now. The TV we bought, a Toshiba 46H84, is a very sizeable upgrade from our previous TV and wasn’t as expensive as one might think. We got it for less than any of the advertised prices I could find online. To say the least, I’m very excited about this TV. I watch a lot of movies and this TV is perfect for such applications. It’s a wide format (wide screen) TV and the colors on it are just great. Without spending several thousand dollars you can get a picture very similar to that of a plasma TV.
We’re supposed to pick it up at HHGregg on Monday (we declined delivery on Saturday since it was an additional $50). We’re very excited to get it here and try it out with a few of our movies.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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