Adjusting to life off the road

Adjusting to life off the road

It’s been four months since we said goodbye to our fifth wheel and moved into our new home in Texas. We’ve spent lots of our time getting the house furnished and settled, hanging out with family and adjusting to the biggest change in our life, Lil starting kindergarten. It has been quite an adjustment on its own but of course we’re also adjusting to not traveling anymore.

At first it didn’t bother me, I was so excited about buying furniture, having home improvements done, etc. These days, however, I’m finding myself quite nostalgic for the previous season of our life. If I’m honest I feel trapped. Trapped with a mortgage. Trapped because Lil is in school and our travel is incredibly limited. Trapped because we had to utilize all of our savings (tax and otherwise) to purchase the home and now we’re playing catchup. More than feeling trapped I just miss the feeling of endless exploration and discovery. Pulling into a town on the weekend, exploring for a week and then heading to the next town. We saw so much. Such things should be temporary, I guess?

Settling down in Texas hasn’t been without it’s rewards though! I went to see The Aristocrats and Meshuggah in concert in Dallas. I got a new Jeep Gladiator that really fits me perfectly. I’ve made some serious progress in my Blu-Ray/4k collection and of course I love our house. I’ve spent a large amount of time enjoying the back patio. We also finally are able to get great BBQ again. It has been a huge blessing to be back here.

In October I took a trip to Florida for a few days to attend the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. We got to go through several houses and had an absolute blast! While I was there Austin and I played through all of the original Silent Hill, something I’ll never forget.

I guess life is all about give and take. We’re giving up the excitement of life on the road, exploring the country and an endless string of new experiences, but we’re gaining roots, the ability to build relationships with family and friends and a home that we love.

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