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  • Uploaded Saturday, January 7th 2006
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I was tagged by janedsh.

I will be tagging: hjburris, Mark Stosberg and

– go to your main pictures directory (basically the start of where you save all your pics)
– go to the fifth folder off that. if you have everything in one directory, god love ya, and take the 25th picture. post that.
– in the fifth folder, take the fifth picture, regardless of what it is, and post it. no editing. just post it. the ONLY get out of jail free card is if it’s you nekkid, and you’re shy. if that’s the case, move to the next picture where it’s not you nekkid in that folder. if the fifth file in the fifth folder is another folder, go into THAT folder and take the fifth file from there.
– post a link in the comments of this picture.
– tag three more people with the instructions above because, you know… if you gotta, so do they.

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    Thursday, December 11th 2008
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    Saturday, January 7th 2006
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    DiMAGE Z1
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