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Bathroom: Before & After

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  • Uploaded Monday, September 3rd 2007
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The bathroom remodeling project is complete and the results are amazing! A special thanks to Rick at ProSource Construction for all of the work on this month-long project!

Here’s what we did:
– Ripped all walls down to studs
– Replaced outside wall and studs due to water damage
– All new green board on all walls
– New synthetic backer board on the shower
– New sink/vanity
– New toilet
– New medicine cabinet and mirror
– New light fixture
– New floor
– New tub
– All new wall tile and shower shelves and soap dish
– New sink and tub facuets
– New trim and basebaords throughout room
– New window trim
– New towel bars (3), door hook, TP holder and shower rod
– New paint
– All new plumbing for shower and sink


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