You can leave, but you can never go back…

I’ve rambled on and on before in my journal about how I miss being in marching band and playing, and even though I know you’re probably sick of hearing about how much I wish I was back in those days again, this is my journal, so it’s only right that I write about the things that I’m thinking and feeling. So, having said that…
Last week Kristen and I went to the evening show of the Indiana State Fair Band Day competition. This is the end-all contest for many Indiana high school marching bands just as it was for me durning my 4 years in high school. It was this contest and the events leading up to this contest each that take up my high school memories.
We watched all 16 of the top track bands from Indiana perform in hopes of taking the top spot of the evening. While we were there to see the local bands in the area (which also happen to be some of the best ones there), there were a couple of bands from other parts of the state that we really wanted to see as well. There had been a lot of talk this year about Centerville’s Blue Regiment, the band that Kristen and I played in during high school. They’ve always done increadibly well despite the fact that they’re one of the smallest bands there, and this year was no exception. Out of 42 bands they were the #1 small band and the #3 overall band. What am amazing accomplishment. I was proud to have marched in that band. They also won all of the small band caption awards (other than guard).
I really miss being involved. I miss being a part of the comeradery that goes along with spending nearly every waking hour with a group of like-minded people. I miss playing. Centerville is planning on doing winter drumline this year and Brad Hobson, one of their percussion instructors (and one of the members of the drumline when I was there) called me and mentioned that he may want my help this winter. Hopefully that will turn into something, I know I would love it.

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