Working and “family-ing”

Working and “family-ing”

It’s been beautifully mundane around the Agee household as of late. I’ve got lots of great projects going on at Beanstalk Digital and even a couple of side projects that have been stretching my determination a bit (as a completely unrelated aside, if you’re a Magento 2 developer I’d love your help…).

I’ve been working a few more hours than usual and I’ve been feeling it. 40 is sneaking up on me quickly and boy can I feel it. Having an almost-two-year-old running around isn’t making it easier either, but you won’t hear any complaints from me! Speaking of Liliana she’s doing amazing. We recently got a new water table and she has been loving it! She’s also recently built up the courage to go down the slide by herself as well, it’s so fun to watch her do all of these new things and the smile it brings to her face.

Liliana Agee

In the small amount of extra time I’ve had, I’ve also been working on building a new photo gallery so I can move all of my photos away from Flickr, truly an end of an era. It has been a load of fun to create and I’m excited to see my photos in a new format, it really brings them to life. You can see the current iteration of the project at It has been a fun way of learning a few technologies I’ve been wanting to try (algolia) and grow a few that I’m already in love with (Vue). I’m planning to open source the project once it’s finished. A special thank you to Chris Hardie for creating a great tool that made it pretty simple to get the data in a format I could work with.

Counting down to our anniversary trip!

This June Crys and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary! We’ve been able to take a trip each year on our anniversary but I think I’m more excited about this year’s trip than ever before; we’re going to Maine! I’ve always wanted to visit New England but now I’ll finally get the chance. I love it when we get to go somewhere together that neither of us has visited before! We don’t have a ton of things lined up for the trip but we do have our hotel/flights/rental car booked.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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