Who Did That?

I don’t have very many clear memories from elementary school. Most of my time was spent writing love letters to the girls I had crushes on, who usually then proceed to show the note to all of her friends as they laughed at me. Not the best of times as you can probably tell. There is one memory however that sticks out clearly in my memory still today.
When I was young I had this violet-colored hooded sweatshirt and as proof of my poor judgment I decided to wear it to school one day. I wasn’t feeling very well (some sort of stomach problem I believe) and I wanted to be comfortable and warm. I sat there most of the day at my desk feeling horrible and wishing I could just go home. Finally, after I had eaten lunch (probably pizza, corn and applesauce typical school lunch fare of the day) I had reached my limit, and it was time to go to the nurse’s office and go home.
I was on my way down the hall and it started. I started thinking about vomiting… That was it, I had just signed a sure-vomit guarantee. I started walking faster, looking into each of the classrooms as I passed them. I had a couple close calls but I was able to hold back the chunks for a while, but only for a while. Finally, I stopped in front of one of the classrooms and just let it go. Man was there a huge puddle. It seemed like the diameter of a football field to my little eyes, but it was probably 3 or 4 feet in diameter and it was spreading quickly. I stood there looking in horror.
I made my way to the bathroom so I could clean myself up and try and regroup before going back to class. I stood there looking into the bathroom mirror, which I was barely tall enough to see myself in, afraid to go back out there. I could just imagine everyone in the school standing in the hallway looking at my massive puddle of vomit and pointing at me “HE DID IT�?. So, I waited…
About five minutes later I worked up the nerve to walk back out into the hallway and make my way back to my classroom. I walked down the hallway by the bathrooms and as I got close to turning the corner that would put me back in the hallway where the incident happened I started to get nervous. As I turned the corner I saw that the hallway was still pretty much empty, only a single janitor stood working his mop in the vicinity of where I had blown chunks. Oh no, I had to walk past the janitor and he would know that it was me because I was the only person that wasn’t in class like I should have been.
I did some quick thinking and as I passed him I said the first thing that came to my mind “Yuck, who did that?�? He looked at me and stopped moving his mop for a second and then he went back to work. I continued to my class, it was finally over with. I got back into the classroom and walked toward my desk. I could feel everyone looking at me, but why? They didn’t know about the puke, nobody knew but the janitor and I doubt that he would tell anyone. I sat down and that’s when I looked down at my violet-colored hooded sweatshirt, the front of which was still covered in the remnants of “the incident�?.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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