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Due to the opening of a movie rental store near my house (and the fact that they’re giving new members 50% off of their rentals for 15 days) I’ve been renting a lot of movies lately.
Last weekend I rented The 6th Man and the newest 007 game for the GameCube. Earlier this week I rented Timeline and Runaway Jury, and last night I rented, Haunted Mansion and Inventing the Abbots. I’ve wanted to see and Inventing the Abbots for some time, and Kristen wanted to see Haunted Mansion.
Here are some short reviews for the films I’ve watched so far:
There was something about this movie that made it seem really cheap dispite it’s very high budget (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers had a budget of $90 million, Timeline had a budget of $80 million). The acting was extremely subpar (I really think I could do better, lol). The guy from The Fast and the Furious compeltely dumbed up the entire movie. His dumb serfer voice just totally stuck out like a sore thumb against the somewhat realistic accents of the other actors. Overall, it was probably a 4/10
Runaway Jury
A wonderful movie about a gun-related killing case and the things that go on behind the scenes to make sure that the party with the most money wins the case. It had a couple of good twists and turns and was very enjoyable to watch. Overall I’d give it 7/10
A very interesting movie about a startup business in Silicon Valley around the time of the big .com boom. It tracks the rise and fall of an online company and gives you a very good sense of the attitude of the time and why so many venturists rode that wave to their own financial demise. Very interesting, 7/10
I’m going to try and watch the other two movies tonight (hopefully).

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