Various updates

Back in the Gym!
After a long absense from the fitness arena, I’m back in and I’m loving it. Jamie and I are lifting Sunday through Thursday and things are going great. We’ve been doing it for close to a month now and I’m finally starting to get my strength back to what it was before. I’ve also been watching what I eat a little more. Mostly I’m trying to cut back on portions and get to where I don’t have to eat as much to be full. So far, so good! Kristen is also running pretty much every day of the week with a friend and she’s also doing very well.
A new movie project!
This last weekend Jamie, Kristen and I got pretty bored. We talked for a while about some thing we wanted to do before Jamie had the great of idea of doing another movie. We talked for a while about what the film should be about and finally picked a topic. Richmond. I’ll resist the urge to tell you exactly what the movie will be about for now so that it will be a surprise when you actually see it. We drove around all over Richmond on Saturday late afternoon/evening getting footage of various places around town. I’ve started editing it, but who knows when I’ll be done with it. It could be a while.
My class is nearly over
I’m about two weeks away from being done with my math class for the summer. I’ve been doing very well in the class. I have a 95% in there overall right now and I got a 100% on my midterm. However, I’m ready for it to be finished so I can have some free time. My homework takes around 2 hours on average and that is just crazy. My final is the last Monday of this month, so it will be here before I know it.
Florida trip is coming up!
From July 12th through July 20th Kristen and I will be in Florida for her cousin’s wedding. We’re really excited about the chance to get away for a while and enjoy the ocean. We’re currently trying to save up money so we can afford to eat while we’re down there.
Project 4.12
July 25th through 29th I will be attending a Christian work camp called Project 4.12 in New Castle Indiana. I’m not exactly sure what areas I will be serving in, but I’ll be there and ready to serve in any way that I can. Kristen was planning on going, but she’s going to be teaching Summer School at Hagerstown that week.

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